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Translation bundle


$ composer require enhavo/translation-bundle
$ yarn add @enhavo/translation
// import statement
import TranslationFormRegistryPackage from "@enhavo/translation/Form/FormRegistryPackage";

// register the package
this.registerPackage(new TranslationFormRegistryPackage(application));


One of the main idea of the translation module, is that the underlaying model, don't need to know if it should be translated or not. That will automatically have effects to the database structure, as the model don't need to save the translation data into his table. Following graphic explain how the translation data can be edited in the default form workflow. The translation data will just add and remove to the form, so if you get the normal data out of the form, it's untouched by the translation data and therefore it can you used as before. Meanwhile the translation data is stored in cache and will only apply to the database if the underlaying model is also stored to the database.