This article outdated and may contain information that are not in use any more

For the indexing strategy you can choose between index, index_new and reindex.


If you choose the index strategy, it means that every entry of your entity you save gets indexed immediately. The advantage is that you can search for the content just after you saved it but if your content contains long text it probably takes a while to save it.


With this strategy only new entries get indexed immediately. If you update an entry it gets marked and updated when you call the reindex function.


In this case every entry you save gets marked. Only when you the reindex function the entries get indexed.

Start cron and run command

If you use the index_new or reindex strategy you have to call the reindex function to index or update entries. The following command can do this for you:

app/console enhavo:search:index

The easiest way you can call the command automatically is … (CRON)