Before vue is loading the form data, you are able to make changes to the form data. To do so, you can add a FormVisitor object. A visitor implements FormVisitorInterface, that require a support and apply function. In the support function you have to return a boolean if the apply function should be used for this form child. Inside the apply function you can make changes on the child e.g. add an attribute or change the component.

You can add the visitor to the FormFactory, so every time the form will be created, the visitor is applied to the form data.

import {createApp, reactive} from "vue";
import {FormFactory} from "@enhavo/vue-form/form/FormFactory";
import {FormVisitor} from "@enhavo/vue-form/form/FormVisitor";
import {Form} from "@enhavo/vue-form/model/Form";

let formFactory = new FormFactory();

formFactory.addVisitor(new FormVisitor(
    (form: Form) => {
        return form.component == 'form-choice' && !form.expanded;
    (form: Form) => {
        form.attr.class = 'my-class'

let data = {}; // get data somewhere
let form = formFactory.create(data.form);

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