Before Installation:

Before you can install and use enhavo, your local environment must fulfill some (really just some) basic requirements. First of all, you need the composer, a dependency management tool, in php, downloadable at

The second necessary tool is “yarn”, another powerful JavaScript dependency management tool, which you will find on this page

That’s it! After you have installed these two tools, your system is ready for action.

Install Enhavo within 5 Minutes.

The Enhavo App Edition only contains basic admin features, use this, if your application is not used without standard content management features to create a project with enhavo, you just need to run the following composer command.

$ composer create-project enhavo/enhavo-app project-name dev-master

Now, only a few terminal-commands are left (take care, that you are in your created project folder dir for all following commands). Use

$ yarn install

for the installation of all JavaScript dependencies managed by yarn. With

$ yarn encore dev

you will compile your assets once to a single final app.js-File which includes everything your app needs (Vue.js, Sass, TypeScript etc.)

Yarn is also responsible for managing the project’s routes. You have to update them after each route-change with the following command:

$ yarn routes:dump

Now you need to create the configuration file. Just create a file with the name .env.local in your project dir. Paste the following content and edit your database setting.


Make sure your database exists or create it by following command

$ bin/console doctrine:database:create

Now you need to create the database schema

$ bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force

The finale installation steps are initializing Enhavo once and creating your first backend user account with super-admin permissions.

$ bin/console enhavo:init
$ bin/console fos:user:create password --super-admin

Launching Project

So far, so good. The installation is complete and you’re ready to launch your empty base-application.

You can run this project on any webserver (like apache, nginx, etc.), but for testing reasons, the fastest way to start your application for the first time is using the PHP´s build-in web-server.

Start that build-in server with

$ php bin/console server:run

and see the result in your browser under

Use the username and password from the user account, you´ve created before with fos:user:create, to log in.

Final Words

Great! We’ve installed the basic, really basic, enhavo CMS with our two awesome dependency management tools composer and yarn.

Well-intentioned Advices

  • During the complete developing process, it´s better to recompile assets automatically when files change, to do that, use:
$ yarn encore dev --watch
  • If you want to launch your application with any other web server, use the ~/PathToYourProject/YourProject/public - Folder as your document root.