Add custom batch action


This article outdated and may contain information that are not in use any more

All bundles have the batch action “delete” by default. Here we will add an additional custom batch action by using the page bundles publish action as an example.

Configure route

First we will have to define the new batch action in the table route.

The section batch_actions already has the delete action defined by default. If we edit this default value by manually adding it to the route, the new setting will replace the default actions including delete. Therefore we also have to add the delete action again, or else it will disappear.

                        label: table.batch.action.delete
                        confirm_message: table.batch.message.confirm.delete
                        translation_domain: EnhavoAppBundle
                        permission: ROLE_ENHAVO_PAGE_PAGE_DELETE
                        position: 0
                    publish:                                                        # Canonical name of the action
                        label: page.batch.action.publish                            # Text in the dropdown menu
                        confirm_message: page.batch.message.confirm.publish         # Confirm message that appears in a popup when the action is submitted
                        translation_domain: EnhavoPageBundle                        # Translation domain of label and confirm_message, default: current bundle
                        permission: ROLE_ENHAVO_PAGE_PAGE_EDIT                      # Security permission needed to run this action, default: ~ (for always usable)
                        position: 1                                                 # Lower numbers mean higher position in the dropdown menu, default: ~ (add at the bottom)

Note: If a user doesn’t have the necessary security permission to run a batch action, it will not be displayed in his batch action dropdown either. If there’s no allowed action for the current user, checkboxes and dropdown menu will not be visible at all.

Add action

Now we need to add the code that will be run once the batch action has been submitted.

To do this, we add a function to our resource’s controller. The name of the function must be batchAction followed by the canonical name of the action. In our case, the name is batchActionPublish.

public function batchActionPublish($resources)
    $em = $this->get('doctrine.orm.entity_manager');
    /** @var Page $page */
    foreach ($resources as $page) {
        if (!$page->getPublic()) {

    return true;

The function will get an unsorted array of the selected resources as parameter. It should return false if an error occurred and true otherwise.

Note: You can change the behaviour of the delete batch action by overriding batchActionDelete in your controller.

All done, we now have a working custom batch action.