Remove delete batch action

All bundles have the batch action delete by default. But maybe we don’t want the user to be able to delete the resource via batch action. Or we don’t want to use batch actions at all.

So here we will see different ways of removing the default delete batch action, or all batch actions.

1. Configure route

The batch action delete is part of the default settings of the table routes setting _viewer.table.batch_actions. If we don’t want the default setting, we just have to redefine this setting as empty.

                batch_actions:          # No children, so the result is an empty array

2. Security roles

The batch action delete needs the security permission delete to delete the resource. If the user doesn’t have this permission, the action will not be displayed. Of course he won’t be able to delete the resource via the delete button either.

3. Remove batch action route

If the route for batch actions (default: _batch) isn’t defined for the resource, the batch actions won’t be available either. So if we don’t want any batch actions for our resource, we just don’t add this route to its routing.