Migrate to 0.8

Providing a small guide to upgrade to enhavo 0.8. This guide is not complete and covers only the most common update steps.

Enhavo upgrade tasks

  • Update Grid entities to Blocks entities (Entities extends from AbstractBlock)
  • Update Grid factories to Blocks factories (Factories extend from AbstractBlockFactory)
  • Update Grid types to Blocks types (Types extend from AbstractBlockType)
  • Update Block form type (Extends from default AbstractType)
  • Update Grid content references (Using NodeInterface)
  • Migrate Grid data to block data structure (Using Doctrine migrations)
  • Rename Grid entities to Block (Optional)
  • Copy asset entrypoints structure (Copy also registry folder)
  • Migrate and add enhavo configs
  • Migrate and add enhavo routings
  • Migrate custom admin assets to webpack (Important for Version <0.7)
  • Update or create webpack.config.js
  • Require separate enhavo packages by composer
  • Use symfony 4 config and routing structure
  • Set language in config under enhavp_app.locale

Symfony upgrade tasks

  • Use Symfony 4 directory structure
  • Migrate config
  • Use FQCN for Form types
  • Remove getName and use getBlockPrefix for Form types
  • Inject private services
  • Update service definitions
  • Add Kernel
  • Add tag console.command to command services (Create service if not exists)