Migrate to 0.9

1. Add this line at the end of assets/enhavo/form.ts


2. Create registry file assets/enhavo/registry/widget.ts

import RegistryPackage from "@enhavo/core/RegistryPackage";
import ApplicationInterface from "@enhavo/app/ApplicationInterface";
import AppWidgetRegistryPackage from "@enhavo/app/Toolbar/Widget/WidgetRegistryPackage";

export default class ViewRegistryPackage extends RegistryPackage
    constructor(application: ApplicationInterface) {
        this.registerPackage(new AppWidgetRegistryPackage(application));

3. Add widget registry to assets/enhavo/main.ts

// Add import line
import WidgetRegistryPackage from "./registry/widget";

// Add register package line before load
Application.getWidgetRegistry().registerPackage(new WidgetRegistryPackage(Application));

Application.getVueLoader().load(() => import("@enhavo/app/Main/Components/MainComponent.vue"));

4. Rename routing manager service id enhavo_routing.manager.route to FQCN Enhavo\Bundle\RoutingBundle\Manager\RouteManager

5. Rename property to properties for route PrefixGenerator type.

                    type: prefix
                    # before
                    property: title
                    # now
                    properties: title

6. If the action component create-action was used, you have to migrate it to open-action. `

The action type create is not affected.

7. Add form registry to assets/enhavo/index.ts

 // Add import line
 import FormRegistryPackage from "./registry/form";

 // Add register package line before load
 Application.getFormRegistry().registerPackage(new FormRegistryPackage(Application));

Application.getVueLoader().load(() => import("@enhavo/app/Index/Components/IndexComponent.vue"));

8. Add resource parameter to Action

This changes only may apply if you have this functions define by your own

// change this line
public function getPermission(array $options);

// to this line
public function getPermission(array $options, $resource = null);

// change this line
public function isHidden(array $options);

// to this line
public function isHidden(array $options, $resource = null);

9. Update your webpack.config.js.

The way how to include other bundles and configure your webpack/encore has changed. Just use the following lines if you never edit your webpack.config.js . If you edit this file before, you need to add the configs inside the js callbacks.

const EnhavoEncore = require('@enhavo/core/EnhavoEncore');
const AppPackage = require('@enhavo/app/Encore/EncoreRegistryPackage');
const FormPackage = require('@enhavo/form/Encore/EncoreRegistryPackage');
const MediaPackage = require('@enhavo/media/Encore/EncoreRegistryPackage');
const DashboardPackage = require('@enhavo/dashboard/Encore/EncoreRegistryPackage');
const UserPackage = require('@enhavo/user/Encore/EncoreRegistryPackage');

  // register packages
  .register(new AppPackage())
  .register(new FormPackage())
  .register(new MediaPackage())
  .register(new DashboardPackage())
  .register(new UserPackage())

EnhavoEncore.add('enhavo', (Encore) => {
  // custom encore config
  // Encore.enableBuildNotifications();

EnhavoEncore.add('theme', (Encore) => {
    // add theme entry and config
    .addEntry('base', './assets/theme/base')

module.exports = EnhavoEncore.export();

10. Enhavo\Bundle\NewsletterBundle\Provider\ProviderInterface changed

Return a test receiver with parameters now.

// before
public function getTestParameters(): array;

// after
public function getTestReceivers(NewsletterInterface $newsletter): array;

11. Newsletter template parameters changed.

The parameter parameters is now receiver.parameters

12. Delete all enhavo config files config/packages/enhavo_*

If you have other contents in that files then import yaml files from it’s bundle. You may keep that changes. If you include search or translation configs, you can keep that lines as well but change it to yaml instead of yml

13. Update your routes.

Download this zip file and overwrite the files in config/routes if they exists. Note that the file in your project probably named *.yml instead of *.yaml. If you made changes to the file before you have to merge the file yourself.

14. Delete file config/routes/enhavo_taxonomy.yaml if exists

15. Update BatchTypes to the new Type Component if you add custom batches.

16. Add packages to your composer.json

If you use dev-master as version in your composer.json, you have to add following packages to prevent minimum stability violence. If you are not use dev-master you can skip this step.

"dependencies": {
  "enhavo/doctrine-extension-bundle": "dev-master",
  "enhavo/metadata": "dev-master",
  "enhavo/type": "dev-master",
  // other packages

17. The DoctrineExtendListener has removed. You have to add metadata information to all your entities which extend from enhavo.

Check the Extend from resource guide for more information. Notice that before the discrName was extend. If you add some other name, beware to also provide some Doctrine Migrations to update the discr column. If you don’t know, if and for what resource you have to put the extends configuration. Just search for model inside config/packages/* and see where you redefine a model. At least for this models you have to provide the configuration.

18. Rename strategy type route to routable for Router.

                    # before
                    type: route
                    # now
                    type: routable