How to customize form

Use Visitors

Make sure you are familiar with the Vue Form Visitors </book/vue-form-bundle/visitors>. Use the Theme to add multiple FormVisitor together, and apply them to a form. You can add the theme object to the FormFactory to use it for all forms that will be created or just to single one on the create function.

import {Theme} from "@enhavo/vue-form/form/Theme";
import {FormComponentVisitor} from "@enhavo/vue-form/form/FormVisitor";
import {FormFactory} from "@enhavo/vue-form/form/FormFactory";

let formFactory = new FormFactory();

let theme = new Theme;

// change the component
theme.addVisitor(new FormComponentVisitor('form-simple', 'form-custom-simple');

// add to all forms ...

// ... or as second parameter to a single form
let form = formFactory.create(form, theme);

Use Slots

If you want to change the html, you can use vue slots to overwrite parts of a component. The component must provide slots. Check the reference to check which are available.

First you use ThemeComponentVisitor to replace the origin component. Then import this component and pass the form property.

    <form-list :form="form">
        <template v-slot:item-down-button>Custom HTML</template>

<script lang="ts">
import {Vue, Options, Inject, Prop} from "vue-property-decorator";
import FormListComponent from "@enhavo/form/components/FormListComponent.vue";

    components: {'form-list': FormListComponent},
export default class extends Vue
    public form: FormData